Wooden garden furniture

A gazebo is a stylish and functional object for your garden. It can furnish your outdoors in a very elegant style. We can offer you a wide range of gazebos and you can choose between iron or wood gazebos, but also between many other products. Wood gazebos are famous for their quality and their design. They give a touch of elegance to every place and they can be used in every occasion: for a garden party or as a special  covering for a bar or restaurant area. We make tailor-made gazebos, able to meet the needs of those who want to decorate spaces of different dimensions with a modular and flexible structure.

It can be helpful and nice to have an area shaded by a pergola, to protect a rest area or a path, even in a small garden. We can offer you a wide range of pergolas, in order to make your garden more comfortable.

Fences and trellises
Fences and trellises are some of the elements that should be provided in a garden. They can be used to mark the boundary of your property, but also to delimit different areas of your garden. They are visual barriers, but also a support for climbing plants and a containment for big or small flower-beds.

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