Japanese rock gardens

Japanese rock garden, also called “Zen garden” or “dry landscape garden”, belongs to Japanese culture and is a very important part of this tradition, because it gives a special importance to all the elements that compose it.

Karesansui is the most famous dry landscape garden. In this garden you can find the three most important natural elements: water, rock and plants. It is made of natural elements whose purpose is to relax your mind. In order to create a dry landscape garden it’s not important to have a very big garden, but it’s necessary to have a clear concept of what a Zen garden stands for: water, for example, can be made of gravel rivers, islands are rather important because these areas are given to meditation and contemplation, and so on…

Every element has its own meaning and a different disposition of the same element gives it a different meaning. Let yourself be carried away by this atmosphere, take a rake and create lines and enjoy your relax.

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