The turf is the major component of many gardens. It surely has an aesthetic value, but it also can be a place to live and relax, that’s why it must be suited to the needs of both adults and children. In order to have a good lawn it is important to make well-reasoned decisions, in facts, turf needs constant care and must be accompanied by a good maintenance of the carpet lawn. This maintenance provides a series of operations aimed to keep lush, strong, healthy and good-looking your lawn, by cutting the grass, fertilizing, using selective herbicides, regenerating the soil... We can create beautiful lawns and take care of them completely, in this way you can always keep your garden in shape.


Turf for lawns is grown and cultivated with care and attention. It is harvested using the most advanced harvesting equipment and then it is rolled for easy transportation and installation. The sods of turf are cut one and a half centimetre below ground level. This sods of turf are very strong, thanks to the dense network of their roots. The use of this type of turf has several advantages over conventional sowing, because this lawn does not require the diligent care that a sown lawn requires (for example: careful and constant watering, split fertilization, herbicides, re-seeding after heavy rains that could have moved seeds…). The final effect of this lawn is immediate and it is walkable from the very first moment after the laying.

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