Hanging gardens have always been the alternative system that allows you to create a covering, using multiple solutions. It is perfect for those who live in a city, for houses or offices, and want to create a secluded spot, a pleasant shelter surrounded by nature. They are created in security in harsh environments, such as rooftops or terraces, with no ground to dig and more exposed to climate change. Green roofs are created not only for appearance, but also for a domestic use.

You think that your outdoors or indoors lack of something…, but you don’t know what you need to give a touch of variety in your furniture, the answer is simple: buy a vase! Nowadays there are lots of situations and places in which it is important to have a vase as part of your furniture. Big or small vases give a touch of elegance to everything: houses, restaurants, boutiques, parks and gardens… We can realize your dreams and create new atmospheres with you, turning your rooms into a definitely original “way of being”.

In order to give only the best to our customers, we always buy at the largest nurseries, to offer you a wide range of high-quality plants and flowers. We also offer you the possibility to buy topiary trees in any shape and size for the most demanding customers.

Nowadays it is necessary to call a proper doctor if you want to treat plants diseases caused by pollution. That is why we offer you an excellent agronomic and phytopatologistic assistance service, together with a reliable and actual technical support, aimed at a right use of our products and at an optimal management of your garden.

Creating a floral arrangement is like creating a work of art. Every flower and every other element has to be chosen with attention and care, you can’t leave anything to chance: colours and shapes must go together in order to re-create, with a sophisticated and stylish touch, the atmospheres of your houses, parties, events, wedding ceremony.

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