Find your well-being and your elegance…

Our creative and dynamic firm will help you step by step to realize your dream: a customized, unique and unrepeatable swimming pool.

We can offer you a wide range of different tailor-made pools, according to your needs.  Pools shapes haven’t limits: they can be regular, rectangular or without a specific shape; they can have regular or irregular sizes and they can also be “infinity edge pools” or “infinity overflow pools”. In this way we can help you to create a connection between your emotions and the nature that surrounds you.
We can also offer you our elegant and fine above-ground wood pools. They are perfect for both large and small areas because they reach the right balance for both adults and kids. We can also offer you special pools with immersed beaches or awash rocks.

You can choose whatever you want…

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Gallo Giardini Via Leonardo da Vinci 20836 Capriano di Briosco (MB) tel 0362-1730061 fax 0362-1792247 PI 04127710962



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